I feel as if this is my duty to post the following article which was written by The Escapist.

If you have already forgot the issue of the “Mass Effect” 3-limit controversy thanks to the latest SecuROM, then please check out our article on that to brush up what could possibly happen for Spore.

Yes, Spore has plans to contain the same “3-activation” SecuROM limits of Mass Effect.  In fact, the Creature Creator has the same limitation.  Have people been having issues with the Creature Creator?  To be honest, I haven’t heard much on it.  But when Spore reaches the shelves, will we have the same outcome, or will all hell break loose as it did for Mass Effect?

I can’t give you a definate answer, only my opinion.  And my opinion is yes, we probably will.  However, it will take some time for these issues to pop-up.

I don’t quite understand why EA would go this route.  Is it truely to combat piracy, or to squeeze every last penny out of the consumer and then when they are toss them out in the trash?  To say it is to prevent piracy is just plain idiotic.  Do you know how easy it is for me to jump on google and grab a free working copy of the Spore Creature Creator?  It takes me less than 2 minutes!  Worst of all, this illegal copy has no limitations!

But I have no use for a free copy when I have 3 myself (the digital download Maxis sent me, my own purchased hard-copy, and then a copy that I bought for my 4 year old nephew).  However, folks aren’t as lucky as I am and can only purchase 1 copy of the game (note: I know it’s only $10 here, but let’s just say it is a $50 game for this article).  Why should they be punished and limited for their purchase?

What if they install the game to find out that it does not work properly the first time.  (Chews up Activation #1).  They then reformat the computer thinking it will fix it and install it again to find out it’s still not working right (this is activation #2).  So they troubleshoot the problem and find out they need an updated video card.  Put it in and it works.  Something happens to the game (driver related issue) which requires another install.  (Activation #3).  After this, they won’t be able to install their games anymore, having to contact EA for “permission” to install it again.

All and all, let’s say this happens in a week’s time.  Well, expansion pack #1 for Spore rolls out.  This just opens up a new can of worms to those who have already used up all of their activations.  We all had to re-install all of the games in The Sims lineup, who hasn’t encounter errors with those 😛

So should people resort to purchasing another copy of the game or just jump on the internet to obtain a free *limitless* copy?  Since I had already shelled money to buy my copy, why should I do it again?  There are tons of other games on the market that are worth my time.  I don’t have the funds to keep buying the same game over and over due to the stupid limits the publisher slaps on there…

And that, is my *horribly written* rant of the day/week/month.  Take care!