There is an ultimate objective to the space section, and thus an end to the game, but you won’t reach it anytime soon. Your ultimate quest is to make it to the very center of the universe in order to understand all time’s great secrets, but you can’t just launch your ship, point at the middle and then go. Instead the game limits your spacecraft by forcing you to return to your home planet every so often for repairs and recharging. However, as you complete missions and earn power-ups the leash gets longer and longer, letting you venture out further into the cosmos. Just how long, you ask? The team is planning in the neighborhood of 500,000 explorable worlds, so you should have something to do pretty much at all times. While you obviously don’t have to visit every planet to beat the game, with all the content crammed into Spore, you may just want to.

TGR:  Spore Hands-On from E3