If you planned on getting Spore Origins for the iPod, now is your chance!  Even though it is supposed to launch simultaneously with Spore on September 7, it can now be downloaded at the iTunes Store.

Please keep in mind that this is only for those who own the Classic iPod and iPod Nano, it will not work for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eat or be eaten when you play SPORE Origins on your iPod. Guide your spore through its evolution and shape its destiny. Devour smaller creatures, explore primordial worlds filled with bizarre organisms, and avoid larger, lethal life forms. Grow from single-cell to complex predator as you rise through the levels. Customize your spore, and watch it move to the tunes in your iPod. Battle friends by importing their spores into your iPod from the Sporepedia website.

Purchase Spore Origins for Classic iPod and iPod Nano for $4.99

Source:  MacRumours