If you head on over to Space Oddity’s Spore Blog, you can catch up on their impressions from the game as well as a few new notes from an event on Spore with developer Jenna Chalmers:

Not really paying any attention to the credits you need in the editor when playing the game, at one stage I foolishly traded the flagella for a herbivore mouth. And I was already in a stage were there’s considerable currents… Needless to say, things didn’t go very well after that!

A little later I played a bit of Creature. And it is like they say, it’s immediately clear how to interact with the world. This doesn’t mean that it is immediately clear how to play the game well… which is good! Enough things to play around with, and get better at. Also, apart from the creatures you meet, there is enough to see in the world around you that’s interesting. Teun and I saw some very interesting eggs, which we only identified as such when they hatched.

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