I hate the RIAA…Nothing but a bunch of uptight whiny assholes always trying to control the music industry.

So let me get this straight.  The RIAA contacted EA to remove fans Karaoke Performances because it features them singing to the tune?  I can see the RIAA getting after people who illegal download music, but after those who just try to mimick the artists?  Hello…has it ever accord to them that these people are fans of the songs in the first place and probably purchased the albums/songs from the artist?  Talk about an ass-backwards idea!  It’s no wonder that the RIAA are hated.  If I had the chance, I’d give each and every one of them a swift kick in the nuts.

I just hope they don’t get after me for sining Happy Birthday or something…I’m sure if they would if they have the chance.  Nothing better for them to do anyways.

Is the RIAA targeting the Electronic Arts-owned Sims karaoke site?