Scans have been found of the PC PowerPlay article.  Check them out on Jowsuf’s ImageShack page.

A poster from GameFAQs (yeah, scary!) posted some details from the Australian PC PowerPlay Magazine:


  • Limitless custom content
  • Varied types of gameplay
  • No more Sims #1!


  • Designed for Non-gamers
  • Not deep enough
  • All about the creator

Overall: Awesome in scope, mainstream in depth. 9/10

“Spore is a far better game than The Sims ever was”
“Spore is an incredible experiance but it doesn’t quite live up to all that it said it would”
“The occasional UFO sighting becomes all the cooler when YOU eventually get to be the UFO”
“For Spore to work you really need to be playing it as one continuous game, instead of seperate stages. If you play them in isolation, you’re bound to end up dissapointed.”
“In many ways the gameplay of creature takes some of the worst aspects of games like WoW and Diablo”