Enough of the previews, you say?  Well, what about an actual review?  Starting on August 20th, Aussies can pick up a copy of PC Power Play which will feature the first review on Spore!

Now I have your attention I can confirm that yes indeed, PCPP#156, on sale August 20 will include a SPORE REVIEW. That’s a REVIEW, of SPORE.

We even made EA change its global embargo from August 25 to August 20 just so we could run it, though unfortunately it does mean subscribers will get their issue late this time as we had to agree to delay the mailout so you don’t break the embargo.

Many apologies for this, and we can only hope the joy of a SPORE REVIEW will take the curse off it. Normal postage will resume for PCPP#157!

If any of the Australians are reading this post and can grab a copy, please let me know how it turns out!