Time for Round No. 2 on previews for the next expansion pack, The Sims 2 Apartment Life.  Only 2 weeks left to go until its release!

SimsNetwork Preview:

You wouldn’t think so perhaps (looking at previous expansions), but there have been added a bunchload of new clothing for elders (male too!) There have been added many “new” outfits to the game, for teens to elders. However, many of these outfits are transfered from The Sims 2 FreeTime (but converted, for other ages).

There are over 30 new hairdos, however, some of these will just have a different color hair clip or hat.

The Sims Zone

For those with Pets, you don’t have to worry: you can bring pets along to your new apartment. If you don’t have pets, and stil want a small lap dog, you can by buying the dog pen. This will house one small dog, you can pick a few types and name it, play with it and feed it. Or ignore it, if that’s more like you.

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Thanks SnootySims!