EA Showcase was an event that was held to display the titles that didn’t get a lot of attention at this past year’s E3.  AJ Glasser of Kotaku was lucky enough to attend this event and gives his take on MySims for PC, MySims Kingdom for the Wii and SimCity Creator for the Nintendo DS.  Here is what AJ had to say on MySims Kingdom:

After extricating myself from My Sims, I immediately tumbled into My Sims Kingdom. This is essentially the same as My Sims on the Wii – only there’s a plot and tons of RPG elements tossed in. It almost reminded me of Little King’s Story or My Life as a King – one of those cutesy RPGs with a twist. In this case, it’s the building gameplay. The whole story is that you’re customizable character graduates from lowly pig farmer to King’s Builder and are given a wand to go around the kingdom, building stuff and making things happen by talking to people. The kingdom is broken up into different islands, each with its own theme. We got to see the home base island where the king’s castle needed some bridge-building and later a space island where we got to build a rocket ship. Unicorns, fishing, and princess fill out the fantasy storyline and if you’re a kid, or a girl, or can swallow your testosterone long enough to play the game, it’ll probably charm you senseless for at least a couple of hours.

Hit the link to catch his take on the other two games!

Sim-splosion – EA Showcase 08