cNet brings to us today an interview with Frank Gibeau, the head honcho of EA’s Games Label.  As you should know, EA reorganized itself into 4 seperate divisions:  EA Games, EA Sports, EA Casual, and The Sims Division.  EA Games is responsible for Spore and Frank gives us a small interview on the soon-to-be launch of the game:

Given that it’s taken so long to be finished, how important is it that it’s finally launching?

Gibeau: It’s that much more important and that much more of a relief to finally have the game done at a quality level and potential that we all saw in the project, and especially for the folks at Maxis who lived it day to day. What’s really powerful about this idea is that it’s essentially going to be a platform for a lot of different types of creativity and imagination to have the editors with the creatures, the vehicles and the buildings. But you also have the mini games of Tribe and Cell and Space, and it’s an incredibly flexible product. You can have user-generated content coming in, you can build modules out. You can come up with new expansion packs and you can have other platforms. This is just the first step in the Spore story. It’s not just a level-based game that once you complete it you never come back. It’s going to be something you can commit to and constantly be evolving and constantly be adding new things to it.

Running the show at EA Games