IGN is covering the 5 stages of Spore every week up until Spore’s release.  This week, they discuss the Cell Stage.  I’ll be spending a lot of time with the Cell Stage as I love playing games where you have to grow your creature.  You can watch this video over at IGN or check it out on YouTube below:

In this inaugural video we go over Cell Stage, the very first stage in the game. This is when you take control of a microscopic organism and begin your long journey of evolution and advancement. You do this by swimming around your watery environment and eating. If you’re playing as a herbivore you’re going after algae, but if you’re a carnivore you want to feed on plankton and organisms that are somewhat similar to yourself. Of course, the challenge is not to be eaten by things that are bigger than you. It makes for an arcade-style experience that’s easy to get into, but that’s just the initial way that Spore sinks its claws into you.

Spore Cell Stage Video Preview