Again with the lists, GamesRadar!  Today they have compiled the top 7 games that we have already played.  Spore makes it to that list since it gets its elements from Pac-Man, Civilization, SimCity and a few other games.  While many of us have played those games, Spore is still a completely different game.  The only taste of Spore we have had so far is that from the Creature Creator.

Whether it’s the way you own and shape your experience in a sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto, or the process of upgrading your warrior with better gear to fight stronger monsters in an action RPG like Diablo, Spore borrows freely from concepts in past games and seems to be trying to capture the root of what made them so much fun. “I wanted [Spore] to be about 20 percent of the best of SimCity or 20 percent of the best of Civilization, because I – as a hardcore gamer – just don’t have the time to invest in these games nowadays… I’d much rather have a lighter experience that distills all the core elements out,” added Wright.

The Top 7… new games that you already played