GameSpy previews SimCity Creator for the Wii & DSWith less than a month to go, we will soon be able to see for ourselves if SimCity Creator will hang in the big crowd along with the originals and sequels for PC.  I’d love to see it do well in hopes to spark a real SimCity 5!  Below are two previews for the game from GameSpy regarding both the Wii and DS version.

Special thanks once again to InfiniteSims for catching this news!

Not surprisingly, the game is controlled entirely with the Wii Remote, allowing for easy control over the many menus. Forming new zones (residential, commercial and industrial) is as simple as pointing at the screen and dragging the area to be as large as you’d like. Likewise, roads can be drawn on the map with a wave of your hand. This control scheme also makes it easier to create heavily curved roads, which is something SimCity fans have been wanting for some time.

GameSpy – SimCity Creator Wii preview

As the timeframe jumps ahead, the cities obviously become more and more advanced. Because of these, there are more and more things to manage the further you get in the game. This type of progress isn’t really something that we’ve seen in a SimCity title, and it’s a good way to ease new players into the game’s mechanics.

GameSpy – SimCity Creator DS preview