We watched a demonstration of the game in action that showed two roommates having a house party with guests. Like in previous games, you can throw a party by having your sims pick up their home phone and using a “throw a party” option, but this time around, there will be many more types of parties you can throw, including a political fundraiser, which one of our sims held in the hopes of raising some campaign donations along his political career aspirations. Like in previous games, your sims will be able to choose careers for themselves and will need to leave their homes for several hours each day, then reappear some hours later with a paycheck. You can still increase your sims’ various skills, such as physical fitness, through repeated study (hitting the gym to increase your physical fitness, for instance), which will better equip you to get ahead in the rat race, though in The Sims 3, you’ll be able to climb the ladder at least a few times either by increasing your skills or simply by networking with enough people. (To get to the very top of the career ladder, you will need to grind away on those skills, though.)