My head is going to explode from shear excitement.  Less than 1 month we will finally be playing a game that was many years in the making!  Not only that, but articles, interviews and previews will start pouring in fast then I can post them!

Today, we have Forbes interviewing Will Wright.  One of the questions that stuck out to me was this one:

Are you seeing businesses being created around “Spore?”

Not yet. There are other Web sites that are fan based. With “The Sims,” it didn’t take long before there were fan sites that charged subscriptions. Three or four people made $250,000 a year from their sites. So the idea that an economy will develop is not unheard of.

Now I can’t really bash paysites as I was a content creator on one in the past (8th Deadly Sim)…but I hope that with this game, it will mark the end of them.  After all, so far all we have is PNG files.  Do you know how small those are?  Not to mention it would be extremely easy to share on the Sporepedia if sites start to charge.  But I think we are safe from this happening…hopefully.

Incubating ‘Spore’ The Wright Way