Meet Ken Walters, a former engineer who suffered a stroke in which resulted his brain to re-wire becoming an artist.  Sounds incredible, does it not? 

The poor guy has been down on his luck for most of his life.  In his younger days, he was crushed against a wall by a fork lift truck when a driver lost control and bounded him to a wheelchair which led him to 19 years of depression and 2 heart attacks.

Back in 2005, just when life couldn’t get any worse, he suffered from a stroke.  However, this stroke turned out to become a blessing as it “re-wired” his brain to help Mr. Walters discover an ability he never thought he had – the talent to create art.  Shocked, as he never had a passioned for art as a youngster:

“I hated it in school. I was never really the arty type, more hands on. But I have to say wherever this new found love for art has come from it’s certainly changed my life forever. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, having a stroke was the biggest blessing in disguise I ever could have wished for.  I have amazed myself by the turnaround to be honest but I’m loving every minute of it. Now I wouldn’t change my life for anything.”

He spent many months doodling on paper then transferred his work over to the computer to pick up digital imagery.  He became so great at his work he even designed his own software.  He has sold many of his works to online bidders but it was only last October when his big breakthrough occurred.  EA commissioned him to design 100 creatures for Spore.

“I still have to pinch myself at times. I’m a very lucky man because you see so many tragic tales of how strokes leave people in a vegetated state.  That could easily have been me but it wasn’t. And now I’ve found the biggest passion I’ve ever had in my life. It’s remarkable.  Now I’m planning to go from strength to strength and get my name known around the globe as a leading digital artist.”

As this story folds to an end, I begin to wonder if Spore can help a man who survived 2 heart attacks and a stroke on top of that, what could it do for others in similar situations?  Is it possible that we are looking at a new ‘Wii’ scenario with Spore?

Engineer becomes successful artist after stroke rewires his brain