I think part of it will result from word of mouth and viral marketing,” said Lazard Capital’s Sebastian. “Is it something that people want to talk to their friends about, friends and family taking notice and saying, ‘Gee, I want to do that as well.’ It’s a little bit premature to say definitively whether Spore will do that or not.”

And even industry insiders like Crescente who have a keen sense for what works and what doesn’t say it’s still too early to tell whether Spore has the kind of legs that will lead to big sales and the long life of expansions that Riccitiello imagines.

Can ‘Spore’ meet its lofty expectations? – CNET News.com

I think Spore will do just fine.  It might take them some time for the mainstream to catch on, but once the game is in the peoples hands, word of mouth will take it very far.