I know a great article when I see one, and BestSporeCreatures.com has an excellent one asking the following question:  What would it be like if other game companies had access to tool similiar to the Creature Creator?

The author pretty much covered every point that I have thought about.  It would make for an interesting idea if this was the case.  But then again…will it.  While we know a great game takes time in the making, what about all of the shovelware that is already produced (I’m looking at you, NinjaBread Man for the Wii…).  If the developers already spend less time on the game, what would it be like if they had the chance to move any faster?

Although with the right mind, these tools will make it easier for the developers who already make excellent games to go the extra mile and make them better.  If tools such as the Creature Creator exist, then less time would be spent on modeling and animation to give more in-depth gameplay.  Think about it…

An open-source Spore Creature Creator-like game content creation framework?