Cover your kid’s eyes!  You don’t want them to become scared and tremble in fear over Wright’s latest game, Spore.  According to Destructoid, the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) decided it would be best to slap a PG rating on Spore.  They state that violence played a small role in the rating for when your creatures consume its food

brief flash of red and a few spots of ‘meat’ which the organism must swim over to eat and grow.

Not to mention they also don’t like the term “little bugger” used in the game:

…the language in the game comes late on, as the creatures and organisms at the beginning have no method of communication. Once players get to the space level, a group of aliens are referred to as ‘little buggers’ by a character training the player to fly a spaceship.

Call me crazy, but aren’t we getting a little too overprotected here?  And what does “little bugger” mean anyway?  I often hear that and “poor bugger” in British films.  I always thought it meant someone who is down on their luck…

Spore rated PG by BBFC for ‘little buggers’ reference