Bumping this to the top.  I’m still taking questions, so if you have any for the PC game, DS Version or the Wii version, toss them my way at judhudson@knology.net!  I’ll try to ask as many questions as possible!

Woooo! I cannot believe that I get another chance to visit the Maxis Studios again to check out Spore.  I was lucky enough to get invited back in 2004 for The Sims 2.  Unforunately I was so shy back then that I didn’t chat much.  However, I’ve been working on my communication skills (although my writing skills still suck) so that shouldn’t affect me this time.

However, on Friday, August 22nd, a select few webmasters from various Spore Fansites are invited to the Maxis Studios to ask questions and to see the game in action before it is released to the public.  What does this mean for you?  Tons of pictures for one thing!  You can also send in any questions to me in hopes of them getting asked.  If you have any questions, then send them to my email at Judhudson@knology.net and I’ll gather them up.

Spore Community Day

We’re hosting a Spore Community Day for key North American members of the Spore Community. Since we can’t invite all of our fans, we’d like to invite a group of Spore fansite owners and staff members to come out for a visit, get a sneak peek at the game and our studio, and share their experiences with their own communities. This is also our way of saying “Thanks” for your contributions to the community and interest in our project.

At the event you’ll have an opportunity to play the game before it’s released,  meet and interview some of our top developers, and find out what a day with the makers of Spore is like.

We’ll provide roundtrip airfare to Emeryville and a hotel room for one night.

Event time/location:

10:00 AM – 6 PM Friday August 22, 2008

Maxis Studio
Emeryville, CA

This invitation is for north American residents only.  If you are not in North America, please let me know and I’ll have your information passed to the community manager for your territory to be considered for future events.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to substitute another community member to come in the event that you can’t make it.  You must be 18 years old or older to attend this event.

Thanks again for all your contributions in the Spore Community, we can’t wait to see you!