I am so glad that I split the Spore prototypes off into their own section!  They keep growing every week!  For this week’s SporeDay, Maxis drops off Waterboy (no, not Adam Sandler) and GonzagoGL.


GonzagoGL is an OpenGL-based prototype of the Spore Creature game.

Similar to SPUG, it places the player in an environment with predators, prey, shelter and vegetation. GonzagoGL advances the SPUG model to include higher quality terrain and a greater emphasis on gameplay.

GonzagoGL was the final gameplay prototype developed for Spore.


WaterBoy is a fluid dynamics simulator designed to explore the behavior of large bodies of water on uneven terrain.

Developed in 2002, WaterBoy also demonstrates early application of modern graphics technology, including environment cube mapping and custom shaders.

Pick them up at Spore.com!