If you want a cheap laugh, then you will be able to find it over at G4’s latest post for The Feed.  Here is what they had to say when it comes to The Sims:

The Sims is the worst kind of terrorist enabling product because it’s subversive. You think it’s a sweet, innocent little game of playing house but you would be wrong, so so wrong. You can make a game about violence that America perpetuates around the world, and people probably wouldn’t look at it twice. You can make a game about how shady corporations are superseding national governments and taking control, and it probably wouldn’t sell that many copies.

The Sims is the most dangerous type of game because it lulls you into a false sense of security, it mimics your daily life of working, eating, cleaning, and consuming. You know, being a good American. Then it hits you, the game takes a turn for the worse and exposes you to the biggest threat facing this and every country in the history of the world: Metrosexuals.

Any game that tricks you into thinking it’s ok for men to wear hair gel is in direct defiance of the constitution, the intentions of our forefathers, and what my racist old grandpa has taught me since I was old enough to stand.  Don’t buy into Will Wright’s pinko-commie agenda, boycott the Sims, and buy another copy of Left Behind.
–Patrick Roche-Sowa