Worthplaying has just informed me that there has been updates to the FreeTime Patch would adds a few more fixes to the list.

v1.13.0.161 changes since last patch:

  • “Tinker” interaction is now available on the “Garbage Ninja by Kitchensations”, “Big and Brown Dishwasher by Romantic Notions”, “You Got Feets Bathtub”, and “SuperJet Corner Shower by Sleek Sensations”.
  • Updated SecuRom version to resolve an issue where some players started their game through the launcher or clicked on the game executable, but never saw the game splash screen on monitor and fixed emulation problems players were experiencing.
  • Added a new command line option “–blackfont” to make in-game fonts appear in black.
  • Updated game code in order for The Sims 2 FreeTime to be compatible with The Sims 2 Store Edition. For users who have The Sims 2 FreeTime Expansion Pack installed, this patch must be installed in order to run The Sims 2 Store Edition with The SimsTM 2 FreeTime Expansion Pack. This patch runs automatically if FreeTime is already on your computer and you install The SimsTM 2 Store Edition on top of it.

For those that would like to try out the patch, you may do so here, but I’m still staying far, far away from it.