The Sims and The Sims 2, together with their fifteen total expansions, five editions, and nine “stuff packs,” have been top sellers since the series first hit retail. Scan any retail PC game sales chart, and you’ll inevitably find various The Sims incarnations taking up several top slots. Last April, Electronic Arts announced the franchise had sold more than 100 million units.

Can Spore, which aims to incorporate the settings explored by nearly every prior Sims game, follow suit? It’s a tall order, especially for a game that boldly sets aside the brand name of its predecessors. “Spore” certainly lacks the epic ring and brand recognition of “Sim Everything.” Instead, it evokes a sort of science fiction geekiness that, admittedly, appears to fit the game perfectly.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about it, Spore is going to be very successful.  The Creature Creator can tell you that just by looking at it!  Not to mention, we already have….how many versions of the Creature Creator?  3 (Free version, Retail version and HP version).  Oh, and don’t leave out the 2 versions of Spore:  Regular and Galactic Edition.

Waypoints: Spore‘s Evolving Retail Outlook