Spore is going to win a ton of awards once it is released.  Heck, it is even winning them now!  According to GameSpy, it won Overall Best of Show at E3 2008.  I can’t wait to see the other awards that will be presented to the game!

Spore topped the heap not because of the gimmicks or the technology but because it was damn fun to play. EA had the guts to let the game speak for itself. We were able to sit down, fire it up, and open up any editor we wanted to or jump into any phase of the game. And it was all fun. From the surprisingly tactical cell stage to the open-ended RPG of the space exploration stage, players are presented with interesting decisions and tradeoffs. We had a blast, and in one case (we’re looking at you, Allen) we practically had to pry our editor away. Spore looks like the complete package: a great idea with solid execution.

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