—TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), announces the launch of Pre-Orders for EA’s SPORE™ for Mac at GameTree Online ( www.gametreeonline.com/ea/spore/), the company’s digital distribution portal for Mac video games.

The release of EA’s SPORE on Mac September 7-8, 2008, the newest video game creation from The SIMS™ creator Will Wright, marks a new age for Mac gaming around the world, and GameTree Online will make it easier then ever for Mac consumers to purchase and enjoy the game. TransGaming has expanded its relationship with EA, the worlds largest video game publisher, beyond Mac enablement, to provide a global distribution strategy for the SPORE franchise on Mac. The GameTree Online digital distribution portal complements TransGaming’s Cider Portability business, which provides publishers, like EA, with a turn-key solution to enable games for the Mac. TransGaming enabled EA’s SPORE Creature Creator for Mac, which is also available to consumers at GameTree Online now! Mac consumers everywhere can now enjoy the newest Will Wright creation at www.gametreeonline.com/ea/spore.

With a truly unprecedented level of flexibility, SPORE and SPORE Creature Creator let you make a limitless number of fun creatures and embark on an evolution adventure. Bring creatures to life with SPORE Creature Creator — see how they dance, strike a pose, and in September guide your unique personal creature on an epic journey of discovery.

For more information on partnering with TransGaming and distribution via GameTree Online, visit us at www.transgaming.com or www.gametreeonline.com.

TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), is a leader in the development of unique software portability products that facilitate the deployment of games across multiple platforms. TransGaming’s portability technologies significantly reduce the time-to-market for and costs associated with multi-platform game releases. TransGaming works with many of the industry’s leading developers and publishers to enable their games on the Mac and Linux operating systems, and currently markets its products under four brand names: Cider (Mac Gaming), Cedega (Linux Gaming), SwiftShader (Graphics) and GameTreeOnline.com (Digital Retail). TransGaming is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and maintains a research and development center in Ottawa, Canada. To learn more about TransGaming’s products visit www.transgaming.com

Paul Nowosad Jean-Francois (JF) Dube

Director of Marketing & Business Development Investor Relations

TransGaming, Inc. TransGaming, Inc.

Source:  Games Press