First up, we drifted away from the homeworld and toward a neighboring gas giant. Wright says that the Spore team “really tried to convey the beauty” of space exploration. To that end, the reddish-orange gas giant below slowly rotated, encircled by a glittering band of rings. Spiral cloud formations slowly swirled across the surface of the Jupiter-like world.

On a barren rocky planet within his home system, Wright found the crashed remains of an alien spaceship. Then (after cheating to give his spaceship tons of abilities he hadn’t earned yet), he engaged his warp drive and zoomed over to a neighboring star system, where he discovered a quiet world with a thin, mostly uninhabitable atmosphere. However, it was absolutely oozing with spice, which would make it a profitable place if he colonized it.

Wright shot a colony pod onto the surface of the planet, where it crashed and sent a huge shockwave rippling across the crust. Shortly thereafter an energy dome began to surround the site, and gradually a city consisting of his unique buildings sprouted underneath.

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