To get to the action more quickly, though, I elected to take advantage of the Sporepedia; this unique content browser blurs the line between studio- and community-created content. What you see in the Sporepedia depends on a number of factors, including how you’ve played the game so far, themes you’ve already used, and content streams to which you’ve subscribed. A rich tagging system allows for complete categorization, which allows you to view the offerings most relevant to your world.

For this stage, Wright and I selected a roadster that looked like something “Monty” Burns would be right at home in. That seemed only fitting, given the stage goal of taking over the entire planet. The Civilization phase presents you with three roads to global domination. If you begin with a religious city, you’ve gotta build the faith and dispatch missionaries to convert rival cities to your cause. Alternatively, you can take the military route and raise a conquering army to take the world by force.

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