Joystiq had a lengthy discussion with Thomas Vu (one of the developers for Spore) in which they give away some cool details:

  • Want to know how Electronic Arts can milk the Spore cow? The tabs in all the editor menus were planned for multiple pages. Maxis has reportedly also discussed the addition of robot creature parts, but there is “nothing to announce” at the moment.
  • Will Wright’s cameo in Spore (i.e. spin the galaxy in the main menu and his head appears) was added by Maxis employee without Wright knowing, although he found it hilarious. There’s another Easter Egg in the shipped version, said Vu, though he was mum on what it would be.
  • There is a limit to the number of planets you can have in your galaxy, much like the number of plots of land in your neighborhood in The Sims.

Catch more details at Joystiq!