Moving on to the space stage of the game, Will showed off the spaceship editor (“almost everything has an editor”) enabling players to rapidly build up a professional-looking ship with the same ease of use we’ve seen in the Spore Creature Creator. In the space stage, players are able to leave their own planets and explore other worlds, really opening up access to vast amounts of user-generated content. You’re able to discover things on other planets such as rares, technologies, scannable wrecks, etc., and habitable planets are of course colonizable. During the course of colonizing a planet you may encounter challenges such as attacking aliens, pirates, uncomfortably close proximity to a sun, and morale issues among other perils. Wright showed off one counter-measure to low colony morale, a “happiness booster” that once planted on the planet emerged like a Gumby-licious jack-in-the-box to spread happiness to a depressed colony. Launching a “defense booster” sent a charming little rocket off into the atmosphere to set up a defensive perimeter around the planet.

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