Wow…The Sims 3 is shaping to be pretty complex.  1UP covers a lot of new details for the game in an in-depth preview.

I suggest you go over there to start reading.  I compiled a short list of the most interesting things they talk about:

  • You play as the hand of God, and can move items of trash and books so Sims don’t have to.  They don’t respond to this, as according to Rod Humble, they just think “This kind of stuff happens all the time — now where’s my book?”
  • Wants and Fears from The Sims 2 has been changed to Dreams and Promises for The Sims 3.  Sims will dream (triggered at anytime) what they want to do and you have to promise them that dream for a mood-boost.
  • You can control your Sim’s job.  Even though you won’t actually see them working, you can decide whether they should leave for work early, stay late, or even work overtime so you can focus on other objectives with your game’s story.
  • Careers will have opportunities and you can take work home with you.
  • The Paint-A-Picture has returned from The Sims 2 completely revamped.  Your artistic Sims will now be able to create art which are different styles of the same type of painting.
  • They plan to release advance tools for modders.  One of them is an exchange on the official website which allows players to share their towns.
  • Expansions are a given.  In the base game, you won’t be able to see what your Sims to in some buildings in Pleasant Valley, but expansions will add in those locations’ functionality to where you can go in and walk about.
  • A few prototypes for The Sims 3 was created.  They have a 2D version of The Sims 3 in which developers still play and according to them, could be released today if they wanted to!

The Sims 3 In-Depth Preview