Looks as if IGN finally took the time to review SimCity Societies Destinations.  The rating?  A passable score of 6.7

Perhaps the best thing that we can say about Destinations is that it finally starts to make SimCity Societies feel worthy of the SimCity name. By including a gameplay mechanic that forces players to strike a balance between the amount they invest in attracting travelers and the payoffs those travelers generate, it actually feels like there’s a compelling game here. Unfortunately, the overall concept of Societies still fails to excite much interest around here and that’s probably not something that can be fixed with patches and expansions. EA is sweetening the deal by offering this expansion only as part of the forty-dollar SimCity Box. It’s not worth it if you just want Societies and Destinations, but if you’re getting it for SimCity 4, Destinations is worth at least a look.

I just wished I could enjoy the game, but I don’t want the SimCity Box and I perfer my games on disk, thank you very much. 😛

IGN:  SimCity Societies Destinations review