Thanks to SnootySims, they picked up on the fact that GameSpy has published a preview for the next expansion pack, The Sims 2 Apartment Life.

The basic premise of Apartment Life is given right up front — the Sims are moving out of their virtual Levittowns and into the big city. Their new home (assuming players don’t want to build it themselves) is Belladonna Cove, a charming urban center filled with a nice mix of residential lots, community lots and brand-new multi-family apartment lots. The new community buildings include a library, several new coffee shops, a grocery store and public parks. The area has a broad mix of economic zones ranging from deluxe townhouses to decorations and items for the SimSlumlord who’s been waiting for the chance to drop their Sims into a virtual trailer park or SimTenement. Dominating the skyline is an enormous statue of Bella Goth, long a Sims favorite and patron… err… “saint” of Apartment Life‘s newest residents.

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