Spore isn’t even out yet, but that isn’t stopping EA’s CEO John Riccitiello from the idea of milking Spore.  During the earnings call today, he stated his plans for the future of Spore if it does well:

“I would love to imagine that two years from now or a year from now the debate is whether or not we need a ‘Spore’ label inside of EA,” Riccitiello said, envisioning a franchise as successful as The Sims, which has its own label.

He said he’d love to “be able to monetize, if you will, body parts, plant parts, car parts and planets as a way to generate incremental revenue on an installed base of several million active users.”

I don’t like this idea one bit…They have enough of our money already!  What do they plan to do, charge us access to Sporepedia?  It’s all guesses as of now, but I can see EA thinking about that idea.

Source:  Voodoo Extreme – An Arm and a Leg for Some Arms and Legs (and Beaks)?