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MySims Kingdom Official Trailer



One of the most impressive additions is the new contraptions system. Here, you are able to build animated constructions that actually function within the world. For example, a system of gears that does something useful within the world. Other times, you might have to complete contraption puzzles in order to advance.

EA says that MySims Kingdom features a much deeper storyline that is designed to keep players coming back for more. We’re looking forward to spending more time with the title to see the story unfold for ourselves. Already we’ve been introduced to one of the main characters, Princess Butter, a not-so-nice and not-so-pretty member of the royal family who may have some seedy ambitions of her own. And before our brief time with the game came to an end, we were treated to a couple of the unique worlds that can be found as your sail the seas, one highly futuristic and another with an old western theme.

IGN:  Hands on with MySims Kingdom


The Wii version sees you helping King Roland and his subjects restore glory to his kingdom.

You do this by journeying through the kingdom’s various lands (each with its own theme) and helping the local citizens there by performing tasks and building things for them.

As well as meeting new faces like King Roland and his other MySim townspeople, you’ll also meet familiar faces from the original MySims like Ginny and Buddy.

The DS version sees you helping King Roland defeat evil in a far-flung corner of the kingdom. It also features nine mini-games in which you have to prove to the King that your location is the ideal holiday destination. Apparently this involves letting him do kayaking, ski jumping and, according to EA, “populating the zoo”. Which sounds a bit worrying.

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