This post is reserved to all news pertaining to Spore Creatures for the DS.  Below you will find information, screens, previews, videos and more on the game.  It will be updated often, so keep checking back!

Gameplay Videos

Details from Nintendo’s Press Conference


Spore Creatures is an action adventure game that features similar customization to that of the PC game. The difference is, obviously, in how the creatures can be customized since the Nintendo DS doesn’t really have the same processing power as the current generation of gaming PCs. But what Amaze/Griptonite has done with the DS version is rather impressive: instead of manipulating 3D models, you’re creating creatures by piecing together paper-thin body parts. These parts can be stretched big or squished small and slid around on the body to make seemingly infinite variations of creatures.

IGN:  Hands on with Spore Creatures

Unsurprisingly, Spore on the DS will focus more on the creature creation aspect than will its PC counterpart. Bradshaw stated that the game will focus on two important core elements: creativity and sharing. To this end, players will be able to create their own unique creature by customizing many different physical characteristics, and then sharing their creations with friends. Not only will your friends’ creatures appear in an in-game zoo, but will also populate in the game proper. Bradshaw also stated that the stylus controls will make Spore on the DS a unique experience, and the platform allowed Maxis to open up its design philosophy.

GameSpot – E3 2008 Spore DS Quick Impressions