This post is reserved to all news pertaining to SimAnimals for the Wii and Nintendo DS.  Below you will find information, screens, previews, videos and more on the game.  It will be updated often, so keep checking back!

SimAnimals Trailer Preview

Details from EA’s Press Conference

  • (3:11 EST) Riccitiello is on the state to show us EA’s largest ever press week.
  • (3:11 EST) They’re going to take a different approach. No powerpoint, no reference to market share. They are going to have the people who make the games show you the games who make them.
  • (3:11 EST) He’s going to introduce us to 12 people, starting with Rod Humble, head of the Sims studio.
  • (3:11 EST) He’s showing us Sim Animals
  • (3:13 EST) OK, here’s our first look at sim animals.
  • (3:13 EST) The game opens with a   look at some bears sleeping. The bear is plucked up and dropped to play with a squirell, which then starts getting chased by a fox.
  • (3:13 EST) FInally the fox runs into the bear and the baby bear is saved from the fox by the giant white glove.
  • (3:14 EST) Its your own sim animals world to direct. Coming to the Wii and DS.

Source:  Brian Crecente of Kotaku