Remember SimDays back when The Sims was out and how they always had something cool every Thursday for us Simmers?  Well, that’s not around anymore, but the same people responsible for SimDays are now working on SporeDays!

That’s right.  SporeDays are every Tuesday.  Today, Maxis has left us a few tips on creating creatures with the Creature Creator:

1. Use Hearbear ears for really expressive eyebrows!

2. To create a realistic looking creature, look at a reference picture at the same time.

3. Jellybutton makes a great flowerpot, shirtcuff, or if nested, robot style retractable arm.

4. Narrow one or two vertices where you’re sticking the legs. This will help them integrate with the body better.

5. Nest Overhear ear parts to create alien looking antennae.

6. Attach an arm, remove the hands, then remove all segments but one (using the control key) to make nubby, cartoonlike arms or legs.