The Sims DJ is the latest example of a music-focused iPod game. It’s a conversion of the existing mobile game of the same name, which sees you making your way in the world as a superstar DJ. You have to build up a collection of songs in several genres, then rock a succession of dancefloors to build up your rating.

However, how you get those songs is completely different to The Sims DJ mobile version. There, you strung sample loops together to make polyphonic songs, sorted by genre. You could even turn them into actual ringtones for your handset if you wanted.

Here, the game has been reconfigured to use the songs on your iPod instead. So, you visit the in-game store and choose ‘Buy Songs’, and are presented with a list of all your tunes sorted by artist, album or genre.

Pick one – Amy Winehouse, for example – and you’ll be able to ‘buy’ any of those songs with the Simoleons that you’ve earned from DJing. Once bought, you assign it one of seven genres: World, Country, Dance, Rap, Pop, RnB, or Rock. Then, it goes into your virtual record box for use when DJing.

I know nothing when it comes to iPod, so I can’t really comment on this, but if I had one I’d give this game a shot.

Rates 8 out of 10 – Check out the review