Oh that crazy Will.  Always popping up in your game when you least expect him!  I love easter eggs, so I thought I would share this one with you from Kotaku.

If you click in the center of the galaxy on the “Load a Creature” and “New Creature” selection screen, the buttons will disappear.  You can then spin the galaxy, and depending on how fast you spin it, Will Wright’s head will appear.  Give it a shot!

Spore's Creature Creature features Will Wright's head as an Easter Egg

Here is a better description from Kotaku:

Okay, so I was screwing around with the (leaked) Spore Creature Creator demo late this evening, and right before I quit out of the entire game I try just randomly clicking around the main menu (the galaxy). If you click the center of the galaxy, the menu buttons for “Load Creature”, etc. disappear, which allows you to view the galaxy unhindered. While in this view, if you hold down the left mouse button move left or right you can give the galaxy a “spin”. If you spin the galaxy fast enough, this pops up in the center of your screen.