ARS Technica got in touch with EA to see if they could clear things up with the DRM inside Spore’s Creature Creator.

“The $10 Creature Creator has the same DRM as Spore, which apparently is the same as what EA announced for Mass Effect (PC) a few weeks ago,” EA told Ars. There will be a one-tine online authentication at installation, and then again when you download content. “The only other time you need to be online is if you buy additional content and need to similarly authenticate that (there is no such content right now for the CC, but for example could be an expansion pack for Spore),” EA explained. 

It still does not explain if there is an installation limit on the Creator Creator or if Spore will contain such a feature of 3 installations.  Hopefully not.

You can read more on this subject over at ARS Technica