We are provided with another Sims 3 preview from BusinessWeek.  For those drooling over all things Sims 3 related, you might be a little disappointed as the preview contains no new information.  However, it doesn’t hurt to skim over it to brush up on your facts!

Of course, any Sim can look the part, but if they don’t have some form of sparkling personalities to back it up, they would be lifeless drones. Maxis thought this through and created a new Realistic Personality System. Basically, you attribute your characters with five distinct personality traits, which in turn establishes a behavior type for them. This behavior shows through with everything the Sim interacts with in the world, such as a Sims with opposing personalities (get ready for a fight) or an object that becomes desirable or irritating. The blending of separate personalities into The Sims universe expands the replay value. One day you’ll find a calm run-in with the mailman. The next, you could be at a mosh party with a bunch of teenagers you never thought you’d hang out with. The choice, as always in this series, is yours. Don’t be afraid to go wild.

Business Week – New Sims on the Block