*Update – June 10th* – A tutorial for this program has been added at the bottom of this post!  Also, this program has indeed been tested and according to Simmers Against SecuROM, removes ALL SecuROM related files on your computer as the ones in your Registry, despite of what the email below states.

I’m sick of dealing with SecuROM on my machine.  So I emailed SecuROM and stated that I wanted the registry files and everything removed from my computer.

Hello there,

I have to ask this.  Where did it state anywhere on my games that SecuROM was going to be installed on my machine?  No “I agree” statement come up, nor any other option to decline if I wanted such a software to be installed without my premission.  I would like to remove it – it doesn’t even go away after installing The Sims 2 FreeTime!  What gives your company the right to put such a product on any machine without first being notified of what will be installed?

Please let me know either how to remove the remaining files (according to research it your program even installs into the computer registry!) either manually or by a tool.  What you have done is the invasion of privacy and unacceptable.

Oh, and please save the “We don’t collect any private information, yada-yada” automated response.  I would like to know from one of your tech guys a removal process to rid it from my machine.


And thus their reply:


SecuROM does not install any malware, including any viruses, spyware or Trojans, nor does it enable any third-party to gain access to your computer.

SecuROM simply downloads and stores SecuROM license data and information to assist with disc authentication and activation. This data and information does not affect your computer system in any way.

The link below contains a tool which removes SecuROM except it’s digital rights management data:


Please download it, extract the application file and follow the instructions below:

To use this tool correctly, please follow these instructions:

–  The easiest way is to copy the SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe file into your C\: directory.

–  Open the Windows command box by pressing <Start>
and selecting the <Run…> option.  Now type “cmd” <without “s>
and press <Enter> on the keyboard.

–  Please type now:  SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe /fulluninstall

–  A dialog box will appear.  To start the SecuROM uninstallation, press
the <OK> button.

Press any key to exit.

Please understand that any application that uses SecuROM will rebuild these files and folders with future launches.

Best regards,

SecuROM Support Team
SecuROM on the web: http://www.securom.com
or via e-mail: [email protected]

*** Please include the subject line exactly as written above including your ticket number in all communications to ensure proper handling ***

I ran the above program, and sure enough, it removed all of the SecuROM files off of my computer – even the ones in the registries that are a pain to remove.

One thing I have to mention – I didn’t have the latest FreeTime patch installed, but I did have FreeTime.  If someone can try it with the FreeTime patch then use RegEdit to confirm if the registries are still there or not, I would appreciate it.  Also check to see if all of the files are gone (I don’t have any signs of SecuROM anymore, but I could be overlooking it).

If you don’t trust downloading from the SecuROM website (and to be honest, I don’t blame you) I uploaded the file along with the instructions to the Sims 2 – Misc. Programs section of the site.

Hopefully this tool is the answer to our problems for an easier approach of removing SecuROM on our machines.

Tutorial for using the SecuROM Removal Tool

Here is a very simple tutorial to wipe all the SecuROM files off of your machine.

Before you begin, I have to make note that you *might* need to disable your Anti-Virus program before you run it.  I use AVG 8 for my scanner and had no issues, but Aphrodita over at Simmers Against Securom had to disable hers due to the program being detect as a virus (false detection with AVG) and not wanting to run proper.  (It ISN’T a virus or trojan, even if AVG says it is – I wouldn’t support it if it was).


  1. Download & Install the SecuROM removal Tool
  2. Extract the files to your C:\ Drive
  3. For Vista, See Step #4; For XP check out Step #5
  4. On Vista, go to your Start Menu and select All Programs > Accessories > Run.
  5. On XP, go to your Start Menu and select RUN.
  6. Type in cmd once the Run dialog box appears
  7. Command Prompt program will now run.  Type in cd c:\ in the window.  This will change the directory to the C:\ drive, as that is where you need to be to run the program.
  8. Now type in the following SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe /fulluninstall and press the Enter key
  9. It will run the SecuROM Removal Tool
  10. SecuROM will now be wiped off of your machine!
  11. Don’t run your games off of the CDs anymore or use your original .exe files as that will re-install SecuROM on your machine.  You’ll need to find a No-CD/Fixed EXE which doesn’t have SecuROM embedded to it.  You can find the site to get these on Google via searching for the term in bold above.
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OK I ran it and it did not work for me….. It said “The DRM data could not be vacated because the application or other applications require it for proper operation.”


I’m not familiar with that error. Could you tell me what operating system you have and the latest games you have which contain SecuROM? So far I tested it with FreeTime (no patch) as well as Crysis (patched version 1.2) Both times it has removed SecuROM and this is on my Vista machine.

Not sure if you have another game on your machine which is why it could give you that error.


I have installed so many games I dont know were it might of come from. For the sims I went all the way to freetime -not patched- but I used a cracked exe so it cant be that. The latest sim game I played without a crack was open for busness. I installed civ 4, a few stardock games(but they dont have SecuROM) so that sim game should be the only one. I also have windows Vista Prem. I know I have SecuROM on MY PC BECASUE MY NORTAN ANTI-VIRUS SAYS THERE IS A PROBLEM EVEN THOUGH I HIT THE FIX BUTTON. KEEPS BLINKING RED FOR ABOUT 3 MONTH NOW!!


Hmmm…I too don’t believe it to be the crack that is causing it either….I suggest you try out the tutorial here: http://securom.sublimesims.net/smf/index.php?topic=90.0 and follow the steps to see if it removes SecuROM or not.


I tried using the uninstaller. It said not all securom items were removed successfully. to reboot and login under an account having administrator privileges. What do I do now? please. help.


I’ve never tested it before on a non-admin account. Is it possible to login as an Administrator for you to run the program?

I suppose it is leaving the UAservice part of SecuROM…If that is the case, you might have to manually remove it. You can find that information at http://www.the-prism.com/index.php?topic=169.0


I followed your link and tried That also. I can’t seem to get anything to work it tells me they’re not files or batches. Sometimes it tells me it can’t be found when I type in commands. Also I’m unsure how to login as administrator as is my husband who set the computer up. I might never get securom off my computer. I probably need somebody more computer oriented to help. Though I do appreciate all the help.


Usually if you type it in and they cannot be found, then either it’s not typed correctly, or the files have truely been removed (and the tool is telling you they haven’t).

I’m not the best when it comes to tech support – it is a lot easier for me to diagnose the problems when I’m staring at the screen. But if you are still unsure you have not removed it, register an account over at The Prism (formerly known as Simmers Against SecuROM) http://www.the-prism.com/

They are much more brilliant then I could ever be 🙂 They should be able to confirm with you 100% if all files have been removed!


Down with DRM boo!!


It worked fine with me and I have everything installed up to Apartment Life with the second patch. I’ve waited a long time for a tool to get rid of this.


I tried to do this, but every time I get this message:

‘secuROM_Uninstaller.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have Vista x64, and I extracted the file to C\Users\Sarah and the desktop, but neither worked. When I try to extract it to C I get a winrar message that says access is denied. What’s going on, or am I just dumb?


Are you the administrator on your machine? If not, that could be why you cannot extract files to your C drive.

Once you extracted your files, you don’t doubleclick on the file to execute it, you have to run it thru Command Prompt:

On Vista, go to your Start Menu and select All Programs > Accessories > Run.

Type in cmd once the Run dialog box appears

Command Prompt program will now run. Type in

cd c:\Users\Sarah\

in the window. This will change the directory to where you extracted the SecuROM Uninstaller.

Now type in the following

SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe /fulluninstall

and press the Enter key


Oh, thank you – it worked! I guess all I had to do was enter the secuROM part, it was already at c\users\sarah.

Thank you for the speedy reply! So glad to be rid of the evil malware!


You’re welcome!


Hey, I get the error “The DRM data could not be vacated because the application or other applications require it for proper operation” as well. I’ve uninstalled all my securom games (that I know of) and I’m on an admin account. Did you manage to find a solution to this after?


Did you have Spore or Creature Creator installed – or another EA game? I believe I encountered that error due to it detecting Spore. I haven’t gotten this tool to work removing the files from Spore…


Yeah, I had spore installed. O well, thanks anyways. 🙂


I followed all the instructions, and a black window that says C:\SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe popped up, but nothing happened. There is a flashing white cursor in that box, but no words. Did it run? What do I do now?

Thanks for this!


If you followed the exact steps at the bottom of this post (and didn’t try to just run the C:\SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe by clicking on the exe in Windows Explorer, then yeah it should of removed it.


Securom provides a new version of the removal tool which allows u for seeing which Securom components are on the pc. The Securom Installed files and registry entries are listed there.




Or download it from this page, where u can find a quick tutorial well describing how it works.


Is there something wrong with this dl? I used it on my comp, and my moms comp. Mine is fine but my moms is not working, it won’t let hersave anything on her computer and always loads in a temporary user file. Please, guys help?


Were you on the admin (or is she an Admin)? Or does she have Spore (this will not work on Spore’s SecuROM)? I’m not familiar with the problem you are encountering.


‘SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Okay, now what have I done wrong?


Possible the path was wrong?


Nah the path was definitely right. If it helps the name of the program is “SecuROM Remover.exe”. So I tried ‘SecuROM Remover.exe’ and ‘SecuROM_Remover.exe’ and neither worked. 🙁


Your registry is still infected.

So I bought the game, installed it and noticed something STRANGE….to make a long story short this is how I ended up here 20 min later.

I ran into this for the first time in years, installing a virus on my computer myself. nasty commands built in to run on the next time Windows partition logs on.

In English it was a registry entry that had set oproximatly 50 files to be randomly named and randomly thrown all over my hard disk, the files where a copy of CmdLineExt.dll

proximately 50 copies made of the file, approximatly 50 different names given (renames) and proximately 50 different places on the hard drive all random.

Only word I can think of is “CLASIC VIRUS” I know I have bin dealing with the subject FIRST hand since 1992 Windows 3.11

This is the place virus writes find work, you know the bad guys on the net?


Cant sue, cant prove anything about the cooperation but its legaly a truthful opinion. secureromstaffmembers kiss my Linux branded white a…

Is there a way to deal with these people? any one? Im completely infuriated at the mass legal virusing up of every day joe’s computers….


A few comments back, you said something about spore. I had it installed, and removed it, but “the DRM data” error still pops out. Anything to do about it?


I haven’t found a tool to remove the files for Spore, I believe you’ll have to do it manually if you want to get rid of the latest version of SecuROM and all of the files – Reclaim your Game has that article in their forums – http://reclaimyourgame.com/


No, it’s not about spore itself – i want kotor to run without cd, and removed spore so I can use your tool.


Thank you for this. I have had more problems with securom in my Sims 2 game. It worked like a charm and now i am securRom free. Thank you.


I am also having the same problem that joe had.

‘SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Unzipped the files to the c:\ directory, ran it by double clicking on the file in windows instead of running it through the cmd, it seemed to be working but there are still three files it refuses to remove, telling me that I “chose” not to delete those files. Any ideas?


Justin, Do you by any chance have Spore installed? Which games do you have?


I used to have Spore installed, but have reformatted since then. I got securom from Fallout 3.


Ah I see. I do believe the current games that contain SecuROM v7 puts out this error. I get the same with Spore on my machine, but not my other computer with the TS2 expansions (I haven’t tested Apartment Life, so it could also give that error). You may want to hit up http://www.reclaimyourgame.com


I have had the same problem as the first person “The DRM data could not be vacated because the application or other applications require it for proper operation.” I dont know what to do. I’ve tried so many diffrent sites including; reclaimyourgame. All my sims 2 work, except the one im trying to play.. which is: Sims 2 Apartment life. Does this mean i wont be able to play this game now?


here is a link to try to remove this pest. http://www.the-prism.com/index.php?topic=2336.0 Please read in post for instructions
Thanks i hate drm no wonder pc games have plummited.


Hey please I have this Need for speed shift game, yes it’s a burn video but the seller said it works too, when I try to play it, it said “Wrong disc inserted, please insert the original cd” I don’t know how, since I only got 1 dvd.

I TRIED all of the securom removal things on internet, and everything NOT working, damnit.

Btw I’m on Windows XP, and I almost success to get rid of it but I always fail in the command prompt.

Ok I did switch user to administration and then enter such words such “SecuROM Remover.exe /fulluninstall” but it is not recognized as a command, how?

Please I just want to play the damn game, I’ve wasted about 2 days just to get rid of that fuck*ng Securom.


it didn’t work for me either. I located the folder in the registry try to deleted manually but an error message come up saying that the folder contains license info and it cannot be deleted..It is possible because i have still Dead Space on my PC…I am just fed up about SecuRom (SpyRom more like it!) watching how many times i play a game i purchase it…The fact I didn’t give them permission toin stall such folders and poke around my system makeme want scream, i would love to take them to court!!!Mfuxxers!!…


I read that you can’t play the sims 2 without SecuRom loading back on your computer. So what different will uninstalling it do?

Oz Edri

Thanks a lot for this tutorial 🙂