Den of Geek brought up a great fact.  There are too many game patches for available games.  There used to be a time where developers took pride in their work and not release a game with many bugs, but it seems like those days are over.

For example, let’s look at two good examples:  The Sims 2 series and SimCity Societies.

SimCity Societies – it took Tilted Mills 5 patches to finally have a stable game on the market.  This was a span of over 6 months.  If they had time to finish their product, we wouldn’t have to deal with many of the bugs that caused the game poor ratings and hate amongst gamers.

The Sims 2 series – I don’t know where to begin on this.  It seems like every expansion and stuff pack they release, it just gets riddled with more and more bugs.  And when they do release a patch, it causes even more issues than what it did before!  The FreeTime patch comes to mind.  Not to mention a lot of their games don’t even get the recognition of a patch – the community ends up fixing the game via Mod The Sims 2 or MATY.  Not to mention I don’t even think the developers even acknowledge problems with their games in the first place!

Hey developers….you have some serious explaining to do!

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