Thanks to SnootySims, you can catch the answers to the interview with Natasha Bedingfield over on the EA Australia site.  The official Sims 2 site has yet to publish it, but it should be posted anytime.  Many questions were good, but the answers seemed…to be lacking.

Q: Aquamarine996  – Was it hard to learn Simlish for your song?” & TinkerBell4993S-  Was it hard to learn the language? And was it weird singing it in Simlish?”
A: Natasha Bedingfield – Not really. it did make me feel like a one year old again though.  I took the task very seriously.. I wanted to get the pronunciation just right.

Q: Chrissy8550 – Do you think you’ve done anything wackier then made a song in Simlish? If so, what?  
A: Natasha Bedingfield –  Sure. I’m quite a wacky person.. I like quirky stuff… I wrote a song on my album with cowboy hat , a tutu, and a plastic bazooka. That’s my sense of humor.

Catch the rest of the interview here