Well, I guess the information I posted the other day is true after all!  Gamespot has impressions for a MySims PC version.

So, you’ve decked out your garden with a house made of bacon and some nifty flowers, and you’re ready to share it with your friends. What next? First, you must find out their registered MySims player name through whatever means are available to you (e-mail, telephone, smoke signals), because there will be no lobbies or anonymous chat rooms. Don’t worry parents, perverts will not be able to contact your kids through this game. And perverts, Dateline won’t be able to contact you. Everybody’s happy!

Once a few friends are on your friends list, you can easily invite them over to play as long as they’re signed on. Once your friends enter your weird little world, they can go about admiring it, and they can change anything they see on the fly. (So you’ll want to be careful which friends you invite over.) Again, there are no restrictions on what a person can do to your garden, so if you don’t want them changing stuff, you’d better speak up. Then again, you probably won’t mind if a friend leaves a little “Biff was here” memento, especially since you could get a new “essence” out of it–an intangible item you can draw out from other stuff in the world that can be used as a component to build something new.

I might have to look for this game when it comes out in the fall.