While some have balked about paying the $9.99 price tag for something that’s essentially a demo for the full game coming out in September, Bradshaw says they’re giving players their money’s worth.

“Well, look at the features that it’s got. I honestly think that people sell stuff like this for even more… this has to be able to build a creature that looks cool and to be able to play around with it and share that with other people — you get a MySpore page and all this online functionality … I honestly think it’s a steal… [some at EA were] suggesting that it be priced higher.”

Higher?  For a demo?  Isn’t the whole point of a demo is to get as many people to get a small taste for them to make a decision whether to purchase the game?  Oh well…at least they did put out a free demo, so I guess you can’t complain…but what if they take that away next time and start charging for demos now on?  After all, it is EA…

Spore Creature Creator a Bargain at $9.99 Says Producer