GameSpot UK: Why was the decision made to sell the Spore Creature Creator?

Lucy Bradshaw: The Spore Creature Creator is an introduction to the world of Spore–your own little universe in a box. By starting with this fun little bite we are getting a head start at building the Spore community as players share their creations and interact with each other at The Spore Creature Creator is quite literally the beginning of the launch of Spore and introduces the brand in a really fun and easily accessible way. We can’t wait to see what people will create starting this week.

Lucy, I like you as a person, but I have to say I think you completely mis-interpreted their question and didn’t answer it properly.  They asked WHY was the decision made to sell the Spore Creator, as in: Why are you selling it instead of releasing it free (the full version) much like all of the past tools for The Sims and The Sims 2 were?

Then again, I don’t think she could get away saying…”EA wants all the money they can get their hands on”…so that’s probably why we got that answer.

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