Chris Hecker, the lead programmer of the Procedural Animation in Spore would like your help.  If you visit Chris Hecker’s Spore Page, he wants you to tag your creatures with “breakprocanim” if your creature has broken animation or animation errors.  Here is what he has to say:

“Please tag creatures that animate poorly with ‘breakprocanim’ so we can find them.  By poorly, I mean popping, limbs buckling, extreme jerkiness, parts flying off, bad gait, and that sort of thing…but not intra-creature penetration/clipping/collision, meaning legs are allowed to go through each other, etc. You don’t need to send them to me or comment on this guy to report them, we’ll search the database for the ‘breakprocanim’ tag. Thanks!”

Kudos to him for asking the community for help.  Hopefully this will solidify the final retail version of Spore when it ships in September.

Source:  Gaming Steve