This gave me a good chuckle.  Forbes posted an article on how it is possible for the iPhone to kill Nintendo’s DS.  Reason?   Because the iPhone combines the touch screen of the DS, and the motion controls from the Wii.  However, it also costs a whopping $400, about the total price of both the DS and the Wii.

Not only that, but Gizmo thinks it is pretty hilarous too:

The DS version of Spore is already a very different, much smaller game than the truly galactic full-scale universe you’re getting on the Mac and PC. It’s like Spore Lite. And the iPhone version is even simpler than that—it’s basically just the “spore” stage of Spore, totally top-down and 2D, extremely simple. In a way, it’s just a glorified version of the cellphone games that people who’d pick up a DS or real portable gaming system would totally ignore. There’s no crossover or competing audience with the DS version—it’s basically just a distraction, and that’s what most games on the iPhone will be.

I think I’ll just save my $400 bucks and pick up the PC version.  But I might look at the DS and Wii version later on down the road.